How to Increase Word Count in an Essay

If you are a student, you are often asked by your professors at the university to write an essay or dissertation before the deadline and you put your entire efforts to make it unique and appealing. But sometimes you feel the necessity of increasing word count and to solve this problem, you may rewrite the essay’s sentences. But this is not the relevant solution and may damage the quality of essay. So, what to do?

How to Increase Word Count in an Essay
How to Increase Word Count in an Essay

Ways to Increase Word Count

Basically, word count is the total number of words you use in a document. If you are also stuck in this situation and looking for ways to increase word count for your essay or dissertation, here are some tips assignment help is sharing here to help you add to your writing.

Let’s have a look:

  1. Add Examples: This is the ultimate and relevant way to increase the word count in whatever work you are doing. Not only it will help you to increase the length of your assignment but also enhance the quality of your writing and attract readers also. If there is any paragraph which you can explain further, you can do it by putting examples.  
  2. Use Tables or Diagrams: By using tables or diagrams, you will not only enhance the quality of your essay but also enable readers and university professors to go through it at once. You would be able to explain your point of view in more effective manner. When they appear in the main body of the work, they look appealable and amazing.
  3. Expand Quotations: Another way to increase the word count is to use and expend any quotes or references you have already mention in your paper. If you have not used any quotes, you can find appropriate quotes from experts in this field like Finance assignment help and insert them into your work.


Follow these tips to increase the length and word count in your essay. If you are writing an essay of minimum one page, these techniques can help you. So, if you are near to deadline and looking for ways to expend length of assignments, keep these tips in mind.

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